shishu park

Shishu Park is for the children. It is in Dhaka. This place is a place of recreation for the children. I am a village boy. I live far away from Dhaka. I feel joy to go to Shishu Park. One day I went to Shishu Park with my father. My father moved to Dhaka I moved with him. I visited the park in the summer vacation. My father took me to Shishu Park and Zoo also. The park is situated at Shah Bag, in Dhaka near the Dhaka university. My father purchased tokens for door into the park. I went to the circle of plains. I rode on the plane with other children. I got into the box moving circle. My box reached the highest point. I could see everything below from it. I enjoyed much in Shishu Park. The park has some sales. I obeyed the rules. I gained much experience at the park. Children get recreation there.

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