A village market paragraph for class 6,7,8,9,10

Generally a village market is held in an open space in the centre of the village or by the side of rivers and bank. The village roads lead the way to the market place. There are daily markets in a village. In our village there is a daily market. There are two kinds of market the daily market. The daily or weekly hat. Even markets are held in two times day in village. Specially in this morning or in the evening. A hat is not clung to the same as a market everyday. There are numerous types of stores in a village market. The villagers get from market meat,fish, vegetables,oil,dal,rice and other daily necessaries of their lives. Villagers approach to a village market with their manufactured products so that they can sell. Businessperson carry on business in a village market. A village is a most important place to the villagers.

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