The Grameen Bank

Unlike the conventional or mainstream banks, Grameen Bank has become very popular in our country. Dr. Mohammad yunus is the founder of this Bank. The purpose of this Bank is to remove poverty of our people. It provides loans to the rural people especially the women. The landless and poor rural women are the main beneficiaries of this Bank. Dr. Yunus, professor of Economics, has introduced micro credit program in our country. For this program, thousands of people have been able to see better days in their lives. The poor rural women form a group and take loans from this Bank. They invest the money in various productive activities. As a result, they become solvent one day. This bank has already got an international recognition. Dr. Yunus and the Grameen Bank have jointly been awarded the Nobel Prize in 2006 for establishing peace among the poor people. Thus we feel proud of this rare honour and dignity of our country.

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