20 examples of finite verb

He knows the fact. You ran fast in the morning. Everybody likes a slim person. She seems to be a feeble man. They told me an improvised story. I wanted to finish the task yesterday. Our headteacher forbade them to run there. We forgave their trespasses. Someone has no fortitude to observe him. It is a unpolluted area to live. Everyone hates a fraud and lewd woman. His uncle observed her as a good and intelligent girl. Her daughter wants to be an honest police officer. Everything becomes fine on their wedding day. On Monday she has gone to temple on the occasion of prayers. I am going to market to buy shirt, jacket, Punjabi,and lungi etc. Seeing the beautiful view I became astonished. The female person keeps balmy flower in her upright open container. There are some essential differences between a good -looking man and beautiful woman. This was a so populous area.

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