Importance of family

Family is a unit in which father, mother, sister, brother live together. There are two kinds of family in our society. They are a nuclear family and an extended family. There are some good sides in both nuclear and extended family. On the other hand,there are also some bad sides in both nuclear and extended family. However, the importance of family in our life needs no telling. A family plays an important role in building one’s social career. It helps to raise children. It is also an arrangement for socializing people. Besides,It is known as an economic and welfare institution. The adults can get psychological support from a family. Now we see that the large kin groups are breaking down. People are fond of nuclear family so that they can take prompt and independent decisions. Both husbands and wives are working together for economic development. They are taking part in various productive works at home and outside. Though the psychological problems of children in small family are increasing in modern times, a family has a great importance in making a sensible man and a better nation.

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