Load Shedding paragraph for class 10

Load shedding means stopping of the providing of electricity. It is boring in our urban and rural life. When load Shedding takes place,I feel very uncomfortable. Air cooler, freeze,fan etc, don’t continue in this time. At the time of night,the total environment is massively dark. In this situation pick-pocketers and thieves easily prowl on the street. So,it is unsafe for the rural people and urban people to go along the street at the situation of load shedding. I don’t complete to any work at the situation. I spend my valuable time at our balcony remaining on a rocking chair during load shedding in the evening and at night. Continuously, it hampers our studying time and busy life. Per day it takes place twice or more. It sustains maximum 2 to 3 hours. Failure of electricity not only hampers our productivity but also domestic life. In the kitchen the house wives spend their time in the darkness. Due to load Shedding,the students suffer most. The patient also suffer ferociously for it. In medical operations get stopped. Refrigerators food become rotten. The commodities of cold storage become damaged. Indeed,load Shedding not only causes great suffering to the people but also a massive loss to the country. The whole domestic life and industrial goes to a discontinuation. So, government should be taken unavoidable steps to reduce load shedding as soon as possible.

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